Moore Home Improvement Services

Home Improvement, Remodelling, Renovation, Extensions Services in Goa

For over a decade Moore Designs Services has been an part of creating functional spaces for homes that meets the needs of everyday life. Whether it is a master bedroom, suite, a chef’s kitchen, a designer bathroom or an art studio, we create inviting spaces on time and on budget. We manage all the stages of the project from the initial planning and consultation to the finishing touches. Our skilled team of contractors in Goa are well experienced in home remodelling having a wealth of experience all types of custom work that you can trust.

We offer a wide range of services ranging a variety of interior & exterior construction, repairs and maintainance

We are available for all types of contractual projects across Goa with crews for roofing, painters, electricians, fabricators, plumbers, waterproofing and all types of civil contracting tasks.


Complete roofing solutions from repairs and  installation of Clay Titles, Concrete tiles,Asphalt Singles, Slate Roofing, Metal Roofing on low-slope as well as steep-slope roofs in a variety of colors, styles and shapes to match the architectural styles of your home.

Metal Fabrication

Exterior fabrication for structural facades with glazing and interior fabrication for wrought iron grills, glass door, glass partitions, aluminium windows, doors, partitions, stainless steel, railings and gates with complete installation to your homes and offices


Complete installation and troubleshooting of  wiring, outlets and lighting system according to blueprints or technical drawings for residential as well as commercial units. This includes installation of fixtures, electrical components, circuit breakers as required.


Roof waterproofing solutions that are specific to your roofing system from rain, moisture and leaks in concrete slabs, flat roofs and metal roofs. We identify leakage areas and get rid of mould spores and dampness that leads to weakening of the structure.

Plumbing Installtions

We provide complete solutions for plumbing in residential and commercial units from assembling pipe sections as per blueprints to installing fittings for sanitary and water piping systems.

Civil Work

Our crews are available for complete civil construction work pertaining to masonry, flooring and landscaping that includes the planning, designing and complete project management. We ensure highly quality standards in our work, effectively managing timelines and budgets

Wall Painting

Interior & exterior wall painting for homes, business and offices with highly efficient team of workers. We execute various types of finishes and also work with specialized paints for artistic effects.

Kitchen Remodelling

Modular Kitchen cabinets, lighting, countertops, appliances for extensions or remodeling of your existing kitchens as well as new installations are taken-up by our team.

Bathroom Remodelling

Installation of bathroom tiles, shower systems, Jacuzzi’s, bath-tubs and more that match your taste.